Rep. Alexander bill to expand professional development for teachers

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State Rep. Julie Alexander has introduced legislation to give teachers credit toward their continuing education and professional development requirements by engaging with area employers and post-secondary training centers.

“Professional development is incredibly valuable for our teachers, helping our classroom leaders grow as instructors preparing our students for their next step in life,” said Alexander, a former teacher in Jackson County. “Working with area professionals can be a key part of developing a better future for students, providing local insight into what career opportunities are growing in the community.”

Alexander’s legislation is part of five-bill package to expand skilled trades in education.

The legislation will:

  • Create a K-12 model program that emphasizes career learning and themes for each grade level, while focusing on engaging with parents, community businesses and industry interests;
  • Allow proprietary schools, community colleges and skilled trade employers access — with parental consent — to high school pupil directory information for the purposes of recruitment and career opportunities.