Recognize Law Enforcement Every Day – Not Just January 9th

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By state Rep. Jim Runestad of White Lake

       On Jan. 9, the legislature recognized National Law Enforcement Day as a day to give thanks to those who protect us. As a state legislator, I would like to extend my sincere respect and gratitude to all of those in law enforcement for their selfless commitment to the residents of Michigan. They deserve the highest praise and commendation for their bravery and service to our communities. Officers answer the call of duty every day, and willingly accepted the challenges, along with the hazards of this profession, to protect us. I salute your dedication and strength, which serves as an inspiration to us all.

As we know, law enforcement is a dangerous profession, requiring skill, preparation and rapid response at a moment’s notice. I commend your efforts in accepting the inherent dangers and challenges of this career. Your service demonstrates true courage, leadership, strength of character, and teamwork. Police officers are always on duty, 24-hours a day, and seven days a week.
While I’m pleased we have a day earmarked to recognize such bravery, we must express our gratitude to those who protect us on a daily basis. They work under a microscope, oftentimes, and face constant scrutiny.

Today, law enforcement can be a thankless, and very challenging task. They are exemplary public servants who rarely receive the recognition they deserve. Our communities would not function without committed individuals like the men and women in blue, who are willing to devote such considerable time, energy and talent to help others. Their contributions and sacrifices safeguard our citizens and communities. We must thank them for their tireless efforts to ensure this state is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.

Not just on the 9th of January, but every day of the week.