Don’t worry, be ready

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September is National Preparedness Month

Are you ready for a power outage or fire? What about a flood, maybe even a tornado or two? Are you prepared to help those around you in case of a medical emergency?


No one wants to experience natural disasters or health scares, but it’s very important to prepare your family, home, colleagues and workplace for the worst. Organizations across the country including FEMA,  the American Red CrossConsumers Energy and the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) to are teaming up this month to promote preparedness online and in the community, providing fantastic resources for everyone.

During an emergency, our most comforting resources such as clean water, electricity, heat and cell phones may be taken away. It’s unpleasant and overwhelming to think about these unfortunate situations, so the best thing to do is start with a list.

  • BE INFORMED: Learn protective measures to take before, during and after emergencies.
  • MAKE A PLAN: Plan for emergencies and stay informed every day.
  • BUILD A KIT: Build or purchase a disaster kit equipped with necessities.

FEMA NPMTake a weekend afternoon to sit down with your family to research, prepare and understand your preparedness plan using this helpful PDF from Michigan Prepares. By taking simple steps to understand the threats facing Michiganders during emergencies, we can better help the children, pets, neighbors and colleagues in our lives.

“What if?” questions can be helpful when creating a plan and preparing an emergency kit too. Michigan Prepares also has itemized checklists for your basic supplies, household petsfunctional needs and caring for older adults.

Remember to tailor your preparedness plans to yourself and those around you by networking with the people in your daily lives to assist each other in case of emergency.

Here are some additional resources for Michigan residents during emergencies.

Local Emergency Contacts

Follow @MIPrepares and visit for more information from the MDCH.