March is Reading Month celebrates the importance of reading early and often

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Reading is the foundation to a child’s future successes, and March is Reading Month celebrates and promotes ways to help children discover the joys of reading. This March, representatives are visiting local schools in their districts to encourage children to become more active readers.

It is important to start building a strong foundation at a young age, because reading to our children early in life will help them succeed in the future. Children who know the building blocks of language at six months are better prepared to start reading by ages four or five.

House Republicans have built upon the strong foundation parents create at home by making it a priority to invest in Michigan’s K-12 school system as well as its early childhood education programs. Last year, Republicans led the way by investing nearly $450 million for K-12 education, which helped per-student funding reach its highest level in years. Another $65 million was invested for early childhood education, which has resulted in at least 16,000 more children gaining the opportunity to attend preschool.

When parents, schools and teachers work together, Michigan’s children are prepared for a brighter future. Children who have learned the basics of language and are given the opportunity to grow those skills in school are three to four times more likely to graduate high school, 50 percent more likely to get ahead in classes and 60 percent more likely to attend college.

We should take advantage of every opportunity we have to inspire our children. March is Reading Month is just one of the great ways we can pass on a love for learning to Michigan’s children because a strong foundation, along with the right investments, will ensure a brighter future for Michigan’s children.