Public Service Commission turns its back on rooftop solar users with recent order

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State Reps. Gary Glenn (R-Williams Township) and Yousef Rabhi (D-Ann Arbor) today issued the following joint statement responding to the Michigan Public Service Commission’s (MPSC) recent order that makes significant changes to net metering. Under the new rule, customers must buy electricity from their utility at the retail rate and sell electricity generated from rooftop solar back to the utility at a much lower “avoided cost” rate.

“The Commission’s changes to net metering slams the door on Michigan residents who want to save money on their electricity bills by generating their own clean energy,” said Rep. Glenn, chair of the House Energy Policy Committee. “The MPSC was supposed to conduct a comprehensive study of the cost of service for distributed generation, but protected the financial interest of two monopoly utilities and failed to side with the ratepayers.”

Rep. Rabhi recently introduced House Bills 5692 – 5693, legislation that would retain net metering and repeal any grid charge established by the Public Service Commission. These measures would ensure Michigan residents get a fair rate for energy generated from rooftop solar.

“The recent order by the Michigan Public Service Commission will slap Michiganders who want to use rooftop solar with unfair rates for the clean energy they generate, which will make investing in rooftop solar unaffordable for many Michigan families,” said Rep. Rabhi. “I recently introduced legislation to repeal any grid charge established by unelected bureaucrats so all Michiganders who choose to innovate and generate their own clean energy get a fair rate for that energy.”

Chairman Glenn plans to have a hearing in House Energy Policy Committee on May 8 regarding the issue.