Poleski bill provides hundreds of millions of dollars for road improvements from existing revenue

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State Rep. Earl Poleski today introduced legislation to permanently dedicate 1 percent of use tax revenue to roads, which would provide more than $235 million annually for additional improvements to Michigan road and bridges.

House Bill 5492 amends the Use Tax Act to permanently allocate 1 percent of the untapped portion of use tax revenue to roads, dedicating an additional $239 million to roads. The bill will not affect funding for schools or local municipalities.

“Permanently dedicating a portion of the use tax for roads and bridges will create a significant funding source that will lead to better roads and bridges for all Michigan motorists,” said Poleski, R-Jackson.  “Fixing our roads and bridges needs to be an ongoing priority and process. This reform plan marks significant movement toward better roads for our state.  We pay for good roads whether we have them or not.”

HB 5492 is part of a legislative package that calls for structural changes in the state’s transportation funding, focusing on increased efficiency, better quality and improved fairness to increase road funding to a minimum of $450 million in 2015. The funding will then grow to $500 million annually, with the potential for even greater investments in the future.

“Jackson County residents want better roads and bridges, and with our particularly brutal winter, the need for additional road funding has only grown,” said Poleski, a member of the House Appropriations Committee.  “There’s actually a two-fold benefit to improved roads.  Michigan motorists will be safer and our economy will stand an even better chance to thrive.”

HB 5492 now awaits consideration in the House Tax Policy Committee.  For more details on the plan to “Build Better Michigan Roads,” visit http://gophouse.org/?p=21962.