Pettalia votes for increased education funding

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Budget also includes more money for roads, local governments

State Rep. Peter Pettalia this week voted to approve more funding for public schools as well as other initiatives to improve the quality of life for Michigan families by supporting a Fiscal Year 2014 budget that provides numerous funding increases over last year’s budget.

“The Legislature has always focused on being careful with taxpayers’ money to ensure delivery of the most efficient and effective services,” said Pettalia, R-Presque Isle. “Because of the changes we’ve enacted the last several budget cycles and the recovery we’re experiencing, next year’s budget includes more money for Michigan’s priority programs such as education, transportation and local communities, and even has some savings to secure our financial standing.  This means we’re moving in a positive direction for Michigan’s future.”

The budget gives K-12 public schools a 3.4-percent increase in spending, roughly $444 million over last year. Northeast Michigan schools in the 106th House District will see per pupil funding increases of

Universities and community colleges are also included in the budget and will see $32 million more in spending.  Roads and bridges will receive $350 million more than last year.

Other increases over last year in the FY 2014 budget approved by the full House include:

  • More than $25 million in public safety initiatives;
  • $13 million for military and veterans programs;
  • $46 million in increased revenue sharing to local governments.