Pettalia maintains perfect voting record

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State Representative Peter Pettalia posted a perfect voting and attendance record for the 2012 legislative year, casting 914 roll call votes during the second year of his first term.

“The people of Northeast Michigan elected me to represent them and I take that responsibility seriously,” said Pettalia, R-Presque Isle. “I rely heavily on local input when casting my vote and I think as a state legislator it is important for me to fight for them every day.”

As highlights of the year, Pettalia listed significant tax, spending and regulatory changes the Legislature and Snyder Administration enacted to help Michigan become more competitive for retaining and creating jobs.  He also pointed to the many town hall meetings and workshops he hosted in the 106th District to meet with local residents as an important and enjoyable part of the state representative job.

“If you’re taking the job of lawmaker seriously, you have to build strong connections with the people who hired you,” Pettalia said.

In addition to this year’s 100 percent voting record, Pettalia posted a perfect attendance record for all sessions on the House floor and individual committee hearings. He also had a perfect voting and attendance record for 2011.