New legislation will provide first responders with more emergency info for accident victims

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A new proposal from state Rep. Peter J. Lucido will give Michigan residents the option to include emergency contact information on their driver’s license or state identification card.

Rep. Lucido said the proposal would help paramedics and law enforcement responding to an accident to quickly contact an accident victim’s emergency contact, instead of having to dig through a victim’s car or clothing.

“Providing Michigan residents with this option just makes sense,” said Rep. Lucido, a Republican from Shelby Township. “No one would have to participate, but it gives individuals the option to have this information available for paramedics and law enforcement, making it easier for them to be able to contact someone for the accident victim.”

Rep. Lucido also expressed concerns that many cell phones now are locked and require a personalized passcode for use, which would make it even more difficult for emergency personnel to be able to contact someone for an accident victim.

“With changes to cell phones we’ve made it more difficult for emergency personnel to be able to find an individual’s emergency contact information,” Rep. Lucido said. “This proposal would make it easier for them to do their job while also helping Michigan residents to know that if they get in an accident, their emergency contact information is readily available.”

Emergency contact information would include the name, telephone number and address of an individual whom the licensee wishes to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Rep. Lucido represents the 36th House District, serving the townships of Shelby, Washington, Bruce and the Village of Romeo.