Nesbitt supports common-sense unemployment reform bills

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Lawmaker: Measures protect hardworking taxpayers

State Rep. Aric Nesbitt today voted in favor of a legislative package reforming unemployment policies, including a bill to deny unemployment benefits to anyone who fails or refuses to take a drug test as a condition of employment.

The House passed House Bills 4949-4954 dealing with unemployment reform. HB 4952 establishes a pilot program that treats a positive drug test or refusal to take a drug test without good cause as a refusal of suitable employment, which disqualifies an individual from receiving unemployment benefits.  The measure is not a blanket drug testing program and will only apply to employers who require a drug test at the completion of the interview process.  After one year the Legislature will have to revisit the issue and decide whether to reauthorize the program.

“This is simple, common-sense reform to protect the hardworking taxpayers and local job creators in Michigan from unemployment fraud and abuse of the system,” said Nesbitt, R-Lawton. “It’s very simple: If you refuse or fail a drug test as part of applying for a job, you are essentially refusing that job. These benefits are meant to serve as a hand up for those who have temporarily fallen on hard times and are out of work.”

The bills received bi-partisan support and now go to the Senate for consideration.


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