Michigan renews commitment to helping those with mental health issues

This week lawmakers from the House and Senate health policy committees held a joint meeting with the Mental Health and Wellness Commission to learn about its report, “Improving the Quality of Life by Supporting Independence and Self-Determination.” The report focused on finding ways to remove barriers, eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and streamline procedures…

Combatting Human Trafficking: The legislative approach

Rep. Kurt Heise today, along with members of the House Republican Caucus, House Democrats, representatives from the Attorney General’s Office and stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking, unveiled legislation to combat the crime of human trafficking. The group unveiled over 20 bills that have been introduced to fight trafficking in Michigan. The legislation is…

House Republican Budget Plan

Each year, the governor, Senate and House all submit their version of what they believe the budget should look like. For FY 2014, House Republicans once again placed an emphasis on fiscal responsibility, investing additional funds into education, public safety and roads while working to pay down long-term liabilities and deposit money into the state’s…

House Republican Education Report

The status quo should never be good enough when it comes to our kids’ future, which is why House Republicans are committed to delivering accountable, effective results when it comes to our state’s school systems.  

Action Plan Update

Brighter days are ahead for Michigan residents, and House Republicans believe hard-working taxpayers deserve and accountable and efficient government. It’s important to deliver results and keep everyone up-to-date on what initiatives we’ve tackled and what’s still in store for the state in the coming years.