House Speaker Kevin Cotter unveils key focus points for roads

House Speaker Kevin Cotter today announced key principles he said will build a good foundation for a permanent road-funding solution. Speaker Cotter talking to WJR about the future of road funding in Michigan. Speaker Cotter on WWJ discussing what happens next to fund road repairs. Speaker Cotter appearing on the Frank Beckmann show to lay out the…

House Republicans make progress on 50 percent of Action Plan items

In only the first three months of the new legislative session, House Republicans have made progress on more than 50 percent of their Action Plan items. House Republicans have made it a priority to focus on making Michigan a better state for everyone who works and lives here. Earlier this year, we introduced our annual Action Plan…


Top 150 Accomplishments

    House Republicans are fighting to move Michigan forward by providing consumer protection, improving education, removing regulations and providing a smaller, more efficient government. Here are the top 100 150 ways we’re accomplishing that.

Tax fairness helps Main Street job providers and businesses

The Michigan Legislature voted this week to continue Michigan’s economic recovery by passing legislation that puts local businesses on the same playing field as national online retailers. The biggest myth about Main Street Fairness legislation is that it creates a new tax. This is absolutely not true. Those of us who purchase goods online from out-of-state retailers…

Measures protecting patients head to gov

All Michigan patients should be able to trust their physician, so the Michigan Legislature passed bills protecting patients from doctors’ illegal actions. In October, the House passed a four-bill package to better protect patients being treated by physicians who are acting illegally. This week, the Senate passed the package and the bills now head to the governor’s desk….

A permanent solution for Michigan roads

Over the past four years, House Republicans have worked to make road funding a priority, and today we are paving the way for a permanent, long-lasting bipartisan solution. Both parties from the House and Senate worked together with the governor to come up with a plan that, when approved, provides $1.2 billion annually for maintaining and improving our roads, while also allowing the…


Get the facts: Understanding Michigan RFRA

Since the MiRFRA passed last week, there have been plenty of rumors, half-truths and exaggerated claims, and we are going to disprove those accusations. In fact, MiRFRA is merely a protection for people who are forced by government to violate deeply held religious beliefs. It does not provide a legal sword for people to use as a method…