Michigan’s comeback: Here, there, everywhere

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MIRecoveryMichigan’s comeback can been seen through a number of initiatives and programs – all designed to give each and every resident a brighter future – but there’s one thing each success story has in common: Republican leadership. This is another one of those stories.

Today, the governor announced that six companies from China, Italy, Germany and Canada are investing $196.4 million in Michigan, creating almost 1,600 new jobs and continuing our state’s return to a stable, growing economy.

What’s more, a study released this week by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) found that Right-to-Work is having a positive impact on local economies across the country – and right here in Michigan as well. The report notes that since the passage of RTW, Michigan’s per-capita personal income has increased by nearly $1,000 in the first year, making Michigan the ninth fastest state in the country for growing incomes.

The study goes on further to note that Michigan’s economy – and personal income growth – is one of the best in the nation.

Strong Republican policies have led to growing incomes and more international investment which, in turn, has jumpstarted Michigan’s recovery.

Need even more proof? This week, Michigan topped the country with the greatest drop in unemployment benefits claims. That’s right, Michigan’s number of unemployed dropped by more than 6,800 this week.

House Republicans know Michigan’s comeback is in full swing, but we are fully aware that if we want to ensure an even brighter future, we have to continue working on behalf of all Michigan workers and employers.