Michigan House of Representatives continues strong commitment to fiscal responsibility and accountability in announcing office allotments for 2014

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Resulting budgets will be lower than they were in 1997

LANSING — Continuing with the strong commitment to transparency made by Speaker Jase Bolger, the Michigan House of Representatives today announced its office allotments for representatives for 2014.

A 5-percent increase will be provided to all members of the Republican, Democrat and Independent caucuses. The House is also providing a 5-percent increase for Republican and Democrat Central Staff budgets for 2014. All increases take effect Jan. 1.

Speaker Bolger continued to demonstrate fiscal responsibility by ensuring that even after the 5-percent bump, all legislative and central staff office budgets combined will still be $1 million lower than when Republicans were first elected to lead the House in 2010. The 2014 budgets are $1.6 million below the budgeted amounts in 1997.

“We take being stewards of the public’s money very seriously and that is especially true when dealing with our own legislative budget,” said Bolger, R-Marshall. “The economy and, therefore, budgets in Michigan are improving. I believe it’s reasonable to provide a bit more support to help representatives serve their constituents and solve problems for the families in their district. It’s being done in a responsible manner by ensuring spending next year will be significantly less than it was almost two decades ago.”




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