Michigan House approves Rep. Cole’s ‘right to carry’ legislation

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The Michigan House of Representatives today approved legislation introduced by state Rep. Triston Cole to give legal gun-owning citizens back their fundamental right to bear arms without a government-issued permit.

Cole’s legislation, House Bill 4419, is part of a four-bill package that removes the penalties for carrying a concealed handgun without first obtaining a concealed pistol license.

“The state government has been placing unfair burdens on law-abiding citizens for far too long by requiring them to obtain the government’s permission before exercising their fundamental right to bear arms and protect their families,” said Cole, of Mancelona. “Just as the government can’t charge people a poll tax to vote, the state shouldn’t require people to buy a license to carry a firearm.”

Under the plan, the current CPL permitting structure will remain in place to allow Michigan residents an option to obtain a CPL to continue to carry and receive reciprocity in states that recognize Michigan’s permit. A CPL will also continue to allow people to carry openly in certain restricted zones.

Cole said the legislation does not give criminals more access to pistols because a background check would still be required when purchasing a handgun.

“These bills do not allow anyone who is ineligible to possess a firearm to carry concealed,” Cole said. “That is still illegal.”

House Bills 4416-19 now move to the Senate for consideration.