Michigan House approves Rep. Cole’s bill giving counties more flexibility in tax equalization meeting times

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The Michigan House today unanimously approved Rep. Triston Cole’s plan giving county boards more flexibility on their meeting times to equalize property tax assessment rolls.

Cole’s plan will provide county commissions with a one-week window to hold the annual meeting, rather than the current requirement that the meeting be held on a specific Tuesday each April.

“County boards have an important function in the property tax assessment process,” said Cole, of Mancelona. “But we can provide a little more flexibility in their meeting schedules and still get this vital work done on time. Right now, Michigan has a needlessly rigid mandate for the timing of this particular meeting.”

Some county commissions have their regular meetings on days other than Tuesday, making the state’s specific requirement cumbersome to meet.

Cole said allowing a one-week window for the meeting will not affect the requirement that the equalization process be completed by the first Monday in May.

House Bill 5635 advances to the Senate for further consideration.