More jobs creating more opportunities for Metro Detroit

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WIN for Southeast Michigan

Metro Detroit is roaring back, and the
proof is in the number of jobs in the region


WIN CountiesAccording to a report from the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN) released in November, Metro Detroit  has returned to pre-recession level employment!

Since Republican leadership took over in 2011, Michigan has been on a steady economic resurgence since hitting a low-point for employment during the Lost Decade.

Keeping the Great Lake State on track for a bright future means creating and fostering careers for Michiganders.

Employment has been on a slow and steady upward slope, and, this quarter, that slope became a little steeper. This has been good news for workers, who seem more confident about entering the labor market, helping to feed strong employer demand for talent.

-Lisa Katz, WIN Executive Director

House Republicans are striving to make Michigan the best place to live, work and play, and the latest jobs data says their hard work is paying off. We continue to see more news stories showing what’s been happening in Michigan under a Republican-led House is working.

Responsible leadership and tackling the difficult issues
can create a brighter future for our entire state.

House Republicans will continue working to ensure all Michigan residents have the best opportunity to succeed in the Great Lake State.