Medical licenses may be revoked under Rep. Noble plan

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Legislation is part of House package in response to the Larry Nassar scandal

Doctors who are convicted of sexually abusing a patient under the guise of a medical procedure will automatically lose their professional license under legislation introduced by state Rep. Jeff Noble.

The bill is part of a bipartisan 17-bill reform plan developed following the House’s inquiry into the recent Larry Nassar scandal.

“State law already allows for a medical license to be discontinued for incompetence or fraud, but we need to go further by mandating that same result when a health care professional has been proven to have physically violated a patient’s trust,” said Noble, of Northville. “Larry Nassar did that to hundreds of young women and his victims are still recovering years later. When a doctor  like Nassar is convicted, we need to make sure that he or she never again has the opportunity to practice medicine and prey on more patients.”

Noble’s legislation requires a conviction under partner legislation that provides enhanced criminal penalties for health care professionals who engage in sexual contact or penetration under the guise of a medical treatment. Under current law, a doctor who is convicted of such sexual misconduct does not necessarily lose his or her medical license.

House Bill 5789 has been assigned to the House Law and Justice Committee.