McBroom continues work on state curriculum

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State Rep. Ed McBroom today introduced legislation to modify the Michigan Merit Curriculum so high schools can create more flexibility for career and vocational training education options.

“Students should be able to take classes and electives that interest them and fit their future career plans,” said McBroom, R-Vulcan. “The current one-size-fits-all state curriculum forces students on a path that may not suit the goals they have for themselves, and so the usefulness of their education opportunities can become questionable.”

McBroom’s House Bill 4073 allows for two additional math credits as an alternative to Algebra II; physics and chemistry requirements are removed but U.S. History is included; a half credit each of health education and physical education is required, although the PE credit can be earned through participation in an extra-curricular physical activity.

A work study component would also be added to the graduation requirements.