Marino joins bipartisan effort to make state government more accountable

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State Rep. Steve Marino of Harrison Township today joined a bipartisan effort to make Michigan’s state government more accountable to the people it serves.

Marino joined colleagues in announcing a proposal to make Michigan’s Legislature subject to more public records disclosure through the Legislative Open Records Act. The 11-bill package also calls for a similar disclosure requirement for the governor and lieutenant governor through the Freedom of Information Act.

“Transparency and openness should be key components of government at every level,” Marino said. “This legislation moves us in a positive direction, toward a state government that is more accountable to the people who pay for it.”

Michigan is one of just a few states that still exempts its governor, lieutenant governor and Legislature from public disclosure laws.

The Legislative Open Records Act would exempt some records, including letters to and from people in the lawmaker’s district, human resources files and ongoing legislative investigations or lawsuits.

The new bills are similar to ones approved by the Michigan House last session. Those bills did not reach the governor’s desk.