Lucido: Juror compensation law effective this week

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Legislation submitted by state Rep. Peter Lucido and signed into law in June becomes effective across Michigan this week, giving jurors an improvement in pay and transportation reimbursement for serving in civil and criminal court proceedings.

The pay and mileage increases start on April 1, 2018.

“It’s about time!” said Lucido, of Shelby Township. “When you consider there had been no monetary increase since 2003 to citizens performing their civic duty, this was overdue. That changes this week in a fiscally responsible way that brings no added costs to taxpayers.”

Juror compensation increases will only occur when the state’s Juror Compensation Reimbursement Fund (JCRF), which reimburses local and county courts for jury-related costs, has more than $2 million over the two previous fiscal years.  The new law calls for the Reimbursement Fund to initiate a software contract to improve the state’s jury management – also at no added cost public cost.

The individual juror pay increases are $5. Before today, jurors were paid $25 on the first full day of trial ($12.50 for a half day), increasing to $40 for each following full day and $20 for a half day. The mileage reimbursement improves from 10 cents to 20 cents per mile.

“What we were paying even potential jurors is not sufficient to cover the bare essentials for serving, not to mention wages lost from missing work,” said Lucido. “Our citizens’ involvement during the court process is invaluable. The least we could do is make it more reasonable to help offset their costs for being good, responsible citizens.”

The full House and Senate chambers agreed by unanimously passing House Bills 4209 and 4210 — now Public Acts 51 and 52, respectively, of 2017.

“It’s good for Democrats and Republicans, but most importantly to the citizens who follow through on our court system’s call to serve,” said Lucido, a licensed attorney in Macomb County for 30 years.