Lori: Calley to sign ‘R-word’ bills into law on Friday

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Lawmaker says changes demonstrate respect, inclusion

State Rep. Matt Lori today said Lt. Gov. Brian Calley is scheduled to sign legislation that will remove the words “retarded” and “retardation” from state laws and replace them with terms that are not hurtful to those with developmental challenges.
Lori, R-Constantine, sponsor of House Bill 5345, said HBs 5345 – 5352 put Michigan in line with all but six other states that have removed the word from their law books. Lori serves on the Michigan Mental Health and Wellness Commission.
The lieutenant governor is scheduled to sign the bills during a ceremony in the auditorium at Hill Vocational Center, 5815 Wise Road in Lansing.
“This bipartisan legislative package reduces the stigma of mental incapacities and encourages an environment where all people are valued,” Lori said. “We are eliminating the use of a hurtful word to ensure that all citizens feel completely included as cherished members of society.”
The bill-signing ceremony begins at 9 a.m. at the auditorium.