Lori assigned to House Appropriations Committee

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Lawmaker will again chair Community Health Subcommittee

State Rep. Matt Lori on Thursday was named to the House Appropriations Committee, and will again serve as chair of the Department of Community Health (DCH) Subcommittee.

“I am pleased to again have a hand in making decisions that will have a direct impact on how the money trusted to us by hard-working taxpayers is used effectively and efficiently,” said Lori, R-Constantine.

In addition, Lori was reassigned to chair the DCH Subcommittee.

“We made many reforms last session that streamlined government so it better serves the residents of our communities,” Lori said. “I am pleased to have a leadership role that will allow us to continue to refine the process and protect the health of Michiganders throughout the state.”

Lori also was named to the appropriations subcommittees for the Department of Education; Department of Corrections; and School Aid.