Lilly: Policy-makers must be made aware of fiscal implications bills will have on state

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New law requires legislators to receive thorough fiscal analysis of every bill

Michigan legislators will now receive an in-depth fiscal analysis of every bill being considered in committees under a new law authored by state Rep. Jim Lilly.

The new law requires the House and Senate fiscal agencies to produce and distribute fiscal analyses for each bill that receives a committee hearing. The fiscal notes would have to be updated if changes are made throughout the legislative process.

“The people of Michigan expect policy-makers to be aware of the financial impact each bill will have on the state,” said Lilly, of Park Township. “Legislators who review fiscal notes will be more aware of the revenue impacts of a proposal and keep in mind how the state is going to pay for it.”

House and Senate committees are the first step in determining the viability of legislation, but currently, some bills placed before committees do not include fiscal notes because of an absence of necessary data and lack of time for a proper fiscal analysis.