Lenawee Stamping Corporation picked for state grant to expand operations

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A $5.3 million state grant to help boost economic development and job creation in the region was awarded to Lenawee Stamping Corporation in Tecumseh, state Rep. Nancy Jenkins announced.

The business incentive grant will help the company expand its operations in Tecumseh, adding new programs and approximately 530 jobs for local workers.

“I’m pleased that Lenawee Stamping is investing in our local communities and our state’s economy,” said Jenkins, R-Clayton. “Our state has become a much better place to do business in the past two years and companies like Lenawee Stamping investing here are proof of that. I congratulate everyone who has been working on this project and look forward to the business expansion and job creation that will come from it.”

Lenawee Stamping Corporation produces metal stamping and welding fabrications and assemblies for auto bodies and other substructures.

The $5.3 million Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant will supplement the total $30.7 million project investment.

In addition to this project, Lenawee Stamping Corporation’s parent company Van Rob, Inc., also is working to add an additional facility in Michigan.

The grant is part of the Michigan Business Development Program, which is a business attraction and economic gardening initiative, supported by the Michigan Strategic Fund.