Legislation to repeal ineffective state law has committee hearing

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State Rep. Steve Johnson this week testified before the House Judiciary Committee in support of legislation to repeal the outdated Michigan Explosives Act, which is ineffective and inconsistent with federal laws.

“This issue was brought to my attention by the Michigan State Police,” said Johnson, R-Wayland. “It is critical that our state departments and agencies are following Michigan law. When requirements become outdated or ineffective by advances in security and safety, we need to update the law so our law enforcement agencies can effectively do their jobs.”

Laws regulating explosives have evolved since 1970, when the current state law was enacted. Michigan’s law mandating state-issued explosives permits is unneeded and ineffective, since a person cannot possess explosives in Michigan without first acquiring a federally issued permit. Federal explosive permitting laws protect and vet applicants more thoroughly than state law by requiring a background check and information on handling, security and storage of explosives.

House Bills 4523, 5137, 5138 (sponsored by Rep. Steve Johnson) and 4524 (sponsored by Rep. Scott VanSingel) await further action by the House Judiciary Committee.