Johnson’s legislation to repeal ineffective state law gains House approval

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The Michigan House of Representatives voted today to approve state Rep. Steve Johnson’s legislation repealing the Michigan Explosives Act, which is ineffective and inconsistent with federal law.

Johnson, R-Wayland, said the Michigan State Police brought the issue to his attention out of concern that the outdated state law is creating confusion.

“No one can legally possess certain explosives in Michigan without obtaining a federal permit, which makes the state law completely useless,” Johnson said.

Federal laws regulating explosives have improved tremendously since 1970, when the current state law was enacted. Federal explosive permitting laws protect and vet applicants more thoroughly than the outdated state law by requiring a background check and information on the handling, security and storage of explosives.

“This legislation repeals the duplicative rule requiring a state-issued permit and makes it absolutely clear that a federal permit is required,” Johnson said. “It’s a practical reform that will help eliminate confusion and allow law enforcement officers to more effectively do their jobs.”

Johnson’s legislation, House Bills 4523, 5137 and 5138, along with House Bill 4524, sponsored by Rep. Scott VanSingel, now advance to the Senate for consideration.