Johnson named to five House committees

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State Rep. Joel Johnson has been appointed to five House committees for the 2013-14 legislative session.

Johnson, of Clare, will serve on the committees for Agriculture, Commerce, Financial Services, Judiciary and Natural Resources. This will be his second term on the agriculture and natural resources panels.

“I’m pleased to continue my role in shaping the agricultural and natural resources priorities that are so important for local communities and livelihoods in the 97th District while also taking on some new areas of policy focus,” Johnson said. “The past two years have seen an improving economy and hopefully a returning of quality of life for Michigan residents. Keeping that momentum going in 2013 is our highest priority, so that will be the focus as we look for ways to encourage job-growing opportunities and education options for our children.”

The House has 23 bipartisan committees that discuss, analyze and revise legislation before presenting it to the full chamber for action.  Through committee review of a bill, lawmakers decide whether to recommend, amend or substitute legislation.