ICYMI: Reforms to workers comp laws create brighter future for Michigan job-creators

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gp_graphicIn 2011, House Republicans made it a top priority to make Michigan a more hospitable place for job providers.

In that vein, comprehensive changes to the state’s workers compensation laws were signed into law. Sponsored by Rep. Brad Jacobsen, these laws served the dual purpose of giving job creators in the state some much needed financial relief while continuing to protect Michigan’s workers.

A recent report from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs detailed the success of the reforms.

Since 2011, the percentage of insurance premiums job providers pay for workers compensation have decreased by nearly 28 percent. As a result, close to $280 million has reentered our economy through the creation of additional good-paying jobs for Michigan citizens.

It’s always exciting to see the positive impact our work is having on job providers. I am pleased to be able to see the measurable change the law has made since being implemented.

–State Rep. Brad Jacobsen, R-Oxford

The workers comp report was published shortly before Michigan’s notable September unemployment numbers were released last week, which showed the lowest unemployment rate for Michigan in six years. In addition to a lower unemployment rate, the data shows more than 300,000 jobs have been created in Michigan, thanks in part to reforms to our state’s workers compensation system.

Under the leadership of House Republicans, Michigan is turning the corner from the Lost Decade and forging its way toward a brighter future for all the residents of this great state.