ICYMI: An update from House Republicans

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House Republicans have been hard at work in their districts, placing their focus on local residents while also preparing for session to fully kick back into gear in the fall. Check out what’s been going on below.

In the News:

Rep. Holly Hughes hosted Speaker Kevin Cotter in Muskegon County, where they met with local job providers and entrepreneurs who are helping the local economy thrive once again. Via Muskegon Chronicle.

Rep. Tom Barrett was recognized for his work with other vets in the Legislature to improve veterans’ affairs in Michigan. Via Michigan Radio.

Reps. Amanda Price and Tim Kelly are introducing a new bill with the admirable goal of improving reading proficiency in Michigan schools by creating early assessment and intervention programs for struggling students. Via Michigan Cap Con.

In breaking news, the top three American boomtowns for manufacturing are located in Michigan: Detroit, Warren and Grand Rapids. Via Forbes.

From our site:

House Republicans are continuing to work to keep college tuition affordable for Michigan families in the wake of news about large tuition hikes at several state universities.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill introduced by Rep. Jim Runestad that eliminates a fee for families looking to adopt children in Michigan.

Gov. Snyder also signed a bill from Rep. Daniela Garcia to give interested communities more opportunity to pursue SmartZones and foster economic growth and innovation in localized regions.

Also on our blog, an update on the road funding talks as well as a reminder of the work House Republicans have continued doing to fund road and bridge repairs since 2010.

Video of the Week:

It should come as no surprise that Chicago is the Number One destination for Michigan’s young people if they choose to leave the state. It’s a great city, but House Republicans have been working to enact policies that make our state a more attractive place for everyone to live. It’s working. More and more young people are relocating back to Michigan, and people like state Rep. Al Pscholka couldn’t be happier.

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