ICYMI: House votes to phase out driver responsibility fees

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Michigan-LPLast week, the Republican-led House passed two bills to repeal the state’s driver responsibility fees, which assess additional fees and penalties on drivers who’ve accumulated too many points on their licenses.

What’s more, failure to pay driver responsibility fees can result in suspension of an individual’s license, which could cause many to drive without a license and, in most cases without insurance.

“Oftentimes, driver responsibility fees are too burdensome and if a person is unable to pay them, he or she is simply left without transportation. ”

Rep. Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake

The legislation eliminates the extra financial punishment for drivers who have multiple points, removes the second-year fees starting in October and repeals all fees by October 2017.

While the fees do generate revenue for the state, the cost to drivers is often too burdensome and can lead to the potential for a cascade of punishing fees, which is why the House to stepped up to make sure this change happened.

The bills eliminate the fees, protecting more Michigander’s from being left on the sidewalk and allowing them to contribute to Michigan’s brighter future.

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