Hughes’ e-bike legislation rolls through committee

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Bill sponsor gears up for floor vote

Legislation sponsored by state Rep. Holly Hughes, of Montague, to provide a regulatory framework for electric bicycle (e-bike) use was approved today by the House Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee.

E-bikes differ from regular bikes in that they utilize an electrically powered motor for propulsion. They must be pedaled by the rider and therefore are not considered motorcycles.

Hughes’ bills are part of a greater package intended to allow for and encourage the use of e-bikes on Michigan’s many bike trails.

“I’d love to see more e-bikes out on Michigan’s trails – not only are they a great alternative for people with physical limitations, they’re also just plain fun!” said Hughes, who chairs the Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee. “I’m thrilled to see this legislation cruise through committee.”

Hughes’ legislation also defines the term “e-bike” in statute while another bill in the package states that e-bikes will not be subject to Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance system since they are powered by the cyclist.

House Bills 4781-4783 now move to the House floor for consideration.