House Republicans continue to make progress on key goals

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ActionPressConf_0215_7Michigan House Republicans began the 2015-16 legislative session by creating a to-do list to make state government more efficient, more effective and more accountable.

The 2015-16 House Republican Action Plan included a record 78 specific goals to move Michigan forward using real solutions for real results. As of today, with 75 percent of the session term completed, 96 percent of the items are moving forward. We have introduced 90 percent of those items in the House, with 71 percent approved by our chamber.

By setting priorities and focusing our commitment to a measurable track record of solutions, results and success, 64 percent of our policy reforms have been enacted into law to help provide residents cleaner, safer, healthier neighborhoods and communities with opportunities for greater growth and success.

The pledges we put forth in the Action Plan include encouraging employment and economic growth; creating bright futures for Michiganders and students; improving government accountability and cutting red tape; and preparing the state for upcoming opportunities.

Once again, we have taken the common-sense approach of delivering a balanced, responsible state budget months before the Oct. 1 deadline, making 2016 the sixth year in a row that local schools and municipalities aren’t waiting until the 11th hour for their budgeting numbers. 

In addition, we set education in Detroit on a path to recovery by avoiding a devastating bankruptcy and providing a 10-year plan to erase the school district’s crushing debt that holds funding for other urban and rural school districts harmless. The sweeping reforms we passed end the culture of corruption and academic failure of Detroit Public Schools and creates a new, debt-free school district that will be administrated by a local school board with state oversight. Not only will this provide the constitutionally guaranteed free quality education to children, it also protects taxpayer money by ensuring that the new district is not squandering away funds that should go into the classroom.

HF_Cox_0815House Republicans also have focused on combatting the opioids epidemic that is sweeping through Michigan and the nation. We have ensured that first responders have medication on hand to save the lives of those who are overdosing, as well as making the inhibitor medications available to friends and family members of those who are recovering from drug abuse. We also expanded current law so people can seek help for friends who are in an overdose without facing criminal charges for doing so.

We also enacted a phased-in program to rebuild Michigan’s roads and bridges that balances construction work schedules and cost with taxpayers’ expense and investment. This compromise comes after decades of neglect and stagnation for our transportation needs by requiring extended road-work warranties and leveling the fairness between gasoline and diesel users at the pumps.

All citizens are invited to review other strides we’ve made for Michigan by reading our updated Action Plan status report here, or the entire 2015-16 Action Plan here, as a simple, transparent scorecard for the job we are doing. Just remember, we’re not done yet! 

House Republicans are looking forward to a strong finish over the closing months of 2016 that maintains the drive to deliver Michigan citizens a healthy economy that boosts everyone’s peace of mind and financial freedom without excuses or exceptions.