House panel approves McCready’s marriage ceremony legislation

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Bill allows township supervisors to solemnize marriages

State Rep. Mike McCready of Bloomfield Hills, center, testified recently before the House Judiciary Committee with Bloomfield Township Supervisor Leo Savoie, left, and Judy Allen of the Michigan Townships Association.

State Rep. Mike McCready’s legislation authorizing township supervisors to perform marriage ceremonies has received approval from the House Judiciary Committee.

Under current law, district court judges, district court magistrates, municipal judges, probate judges, federal judges and city mayors have the authority to solemnize a marriage. McCready’s bill adds township supervisors to the list.

“Officials with similar positions are allowed to perform marriages, it just makes sense that township supervisors would have that authority as well,” said McCready, of Bloomfield Hills. “This is a simple change that creates uniformity between mayors and township supervisors, which are similar positions.”

Under the bill, township supervisors who perform marriages must collect a fee determined by the township board and deposit the funds into the township’s general fund. These requirements parallel the current requirements for mayors who solemnize marriages.

House Bill 4272 now heads to the full House for consideration.