House GOP lawmakers surpassing expectations on Action Plan items

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ActionPressConf_0215_10To focus on people’s priorities, we created an Action Plan earlier this year with an unprecedented 78 specific goals to continue Michigan’s comeback. We set the bar high, and included initiatives we knew could be a challenge to accomplish. Ending the status quo in Lansing is a difficult proposition, but we continue to remain steadfast in our goal to create great public policy for the people of Michigan.

At the half-way mark of the 2015-16 legislative session, we’re happy to report that 51 percent of our Action Plan items have already been approved by the state House.

Our Action Plan for the two-year session provides citizens a simple, transparent scorecard to keep track of the job their lawmakers are doing for them. The plan includes policy goals focused on employment and economic growth; creating bright futures for Michiganders and students; improving government accountability and cutting red tape; and preparing the state for upcoming opportunities.

Policy initiatives accomplished this year include delivering a balanced, responsible state budget months before the Oct. 1 deadline. In fact, this year marks the fifth year in a row we’ve delivered on this important goal. We also enacted significant education reforms to help students develop important reading skills by the third grade, approved early-warning financial reforms for Michigan’s schools to give all students a chance at a bright future and ended the onerous and costly Hollywood film subsidy program.

Much more work has been completed to benefit state residents. A total of 74 percent of our Action Plan items have already been introduced as legislation. In addition, 49 percent of the Action Plan items have been signed into law by the governor.

House Republicans remain focused on Michigan by listening to the people of the Great Lake State. To see how we are delivering on our promises to Michigan, you can read our updated Action Plan status report here, and the entire 2015-16 Action Plan here.