House GOP continues to make progress on Action Plan

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With about two-thirds of the 2015-16 legislative session in the books, we’re excited to have 81 percent of our goals introduced as House legislation and 55 percent of those Action Plan items approved by the House. Just over half are already Michigan law.

Our 2015-16 Action Plan identified 78 specific goals to move Michigan forward. While the bar was set high, we must continue to challenge the status quo in Lansing to create a better future for all Michigan families. We remain committed to creating great public policy for the people of Michigan.

Citizens can track the job lawmakers are doing on their behalf by checking the Action Plan as a simple, transparent scorecard for our policy goals of encouraging employment and economic growth; creating bright futures for Michiganders and students; improving government accountability and cutting red tape; and preparing the state for upcoming opportunities.

In 2015, we maintained our five-year record of delivering a balanced, responsible state budget months before the Oct. 1 deadline, and we are on course to do the same for 2016. So far this year we enacted legislation encouraging county road commission consolidation to increase local government efficiency and defined legal accessibility to people’s digital electronic assets as our lives are increasingly reflected online and in social media.

Additional policy highlights we are working on include measures to provide more primary health care services in Michigan and to reform subsurface property rights for private landowners.

The next three months are a critical time for Michigan’s government, as the state Legislature develops the coming fiscal year’s budget and enacts new reforms to keep our state on the path to a sound future.

House Republicans remain focused on Michigan by listening to the people of the Great Lake State. To see how we are delivering on our promises to Michigan, you can read our updated Action Plan status report here, and the entire 2015-16 Action Plan here.