House committee approves Rep. Tedder bill to expand school zone speed limits

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Legislation enforces school zone speed limits to overhead pedestrian walkways

The Michigan House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week approved legislation introduced by state Rep. Jim Tedder to expand school zone speed limits to roads with an overhead crosswalk.

Under current Michigan law, school zone speed limits cannot be enforced on highways where overhead pedestrian walkways are constructed.

Tedder said this must be changed to protect Michigan students.

“This legislation provides local governments with the option of enforcing school zone speed limits in areas which may be dangerous for students walking to school,” said Tedder, of Clarkston.  “Students will be able to walk safely to and from school without having to worry about higher traffic in certain areas.”

This legislation does not apply to walkways that span over expressways.

Waterford Schools have a situation where exempting the overhead pedestrian walkway from school zone speed limits has created safety issues, Tedder said.

House Bill 4840 moves to the full House for consideration.