House committee approves Graves legislation giving local townships more control

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The House Tax Policy Committee today approved legislation that would give local townships the authority to decide how to best to pay for police and fire protection.

House Bill 4147, sponsored by state Rep. Joseph Graves gives township boards flexibility to choose how they would pay for local police and fire services. Under the legislation, townships would have options of determining their assessments on a per-parcel basis, on the taxable value of the land or premises, or on another basis determine by the township board.

“Although we are all part of Michigan, each local community runs slightly differently and this legislation gives each township the ability to choose what works best for them,” said Graves, R-Argentine Township. “Lansing politicians don’t have all the answers and should not be dictating the decision making process to local governments. That’s why I want to give this decision back to the local townships to choose the way that makes the most sense for them to pay for their police and fire services.”

Current law requires townships to only base special assessments for police and fire on the value of a resident’s land.

HB 4147 now heads to the full House for consideration.