House clears Rep. Bellino’s government cleaning plans

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The Michigan House this week voted to overwhelmingly approve plans sponsored by state Rep. Joe Bellino removing unnecessary laws from the books. House Bills 5761 and 5887 would both remove outdated sections of law in diverse areas.

HB 5761 repeals the Michigan Penal Code referencing the criminality of making a false protest. A false protest is covered under current insurance fraud statutes, therefore any law referencing a false protest is obsolete.

HB 5887 is part of a multi-bill package that removes references to tuberculosis sanitariums, which is how tuberculosis was treated before antibiotics. At this time, Michigan does not have any tuberculosis sanatorium facilities in operation.

“As many Michiganders are busy with spring cleaning, the Legislature is doing a bit of its own,” Bellino said. “Every now and then you need to look back at outdated laws that are no longer necessary and wipe them from the books to clean up the government.”

The bills advance to the Senate for further consideration.