House approves Victory bills to help Michigan farmers

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Legislation keeps food inspections on a local level


The Michigan House today approved legislation introduced by state Rep. Roger Victory that helps growers and producers meet new federal food inspection rules.

Victory, of Hudsonville, said the bills are necessary to align with federal standards and avoid additional inspections that could delay getting Michigan products on the market.

Victory, a farmer by trade, said the legislation aligns Michigan standards with new federal guidelines and allows the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) to assist farmers and producers in meeting the new requirements.

“If we are not in line with the federal standards, MDARD inspections will not meet the requirements of the federal Food and Drug Administration, which would require an additional federal inspection of farmers’ products,” Victory said. “Keeping the inspection process as simple and as local as we can is in the best interest of the agricultural community.”

Victory also said companies that use local agricultural products use the federal guidelines as the minimum requirement when making purchases.

“Fruits and vegetables grown in Michigan have a strong market among national distributors, and we need to ensure our rules align with the federal rules to preserve the national market,” Victory said.

House Bills 4811 and 4812 now go to the governor for consideration.