House approves Rep. VerHeulen’s bill to create Michigan Infrastructure Council

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Legislation prioritizes the future of Michigan’s infrastructure

The Michigan House today approved legislation introduced by state Rep. Rob VerHeulen to create a nine-member Michigan Infrastructure Council.

The Michigan Infrastructure Council would be tasked with reporting recommendations on the creation of a statewide asset management system and a 30-year integrated infrastructure strategy. The goal is to better assist policy makers and departments to plan and integrate assets for the future of Michigan’s roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

VerHeulen said the Michigan Infrastructure Council will have experts from every sector and will give policy makers and department leadership the tools to effectively manage current assets.

“The Michigan Infrastructure Council will assist the legislature in developing, compiling and maintaining a statewide infrastructure asset management plan to revitalize the state’s crumbling, or in some cases, non-existent infrastructure,” said VerHeulen, of Walker.  “Tracking and assessing conditions will extend the life of Michigan’s infrastructure, benefiting our communities.”

The Council will consist of nine voting members, including individuals with public and private asset management experience, financial experts, and regional asset management planning experts. The members will be appointed by the following individuals:

·       Five members by the governor;

·       One member  by the Senate Majority Leader;

·       One member by the Speaker of the House of Representatives;

·       One member by the Senate Minority Leader; and

·       One member by the House Minority Leader.

House Bill 5335 now moves to the Senate for consideration.