House approves Rep. VanSingel’s bill clarifying rules for vehicles towing trailers at weigh stations

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Bill removes unnecessary regulation

The Michigan House today approved legislation introduced by state Rep. Scott VanSingel to exempt vehicles towing trailers from having to stop at a weigh station.

An example of this type of vehicle would be an employee of a lawn care company driving a pickup truck or van towing a trailer with equipment.

Currently, pickup trucks and vans operated as commercial vehicles are required to stop at a weigh station.

“Weigh stations are checkpoints where weight and safety inspections are performed. Commercially used pickup trucks and vans towing trailers are rarely, if ever, even close to their maximum weight,” said VanSingel, of Grant. “This legislation reduces a regulatory burden on small businesses by allowing certain vehicles to legally bypass without being weighed.”

VanSingel’s bill also clarifies that the driver of a semi-truck who fails to stop at a weigh station will be issued a ticket instead of being charged with a misdemeanor.

House Bill 5090 now moves to the Senate for consideration.