House approves Rep. Roberts’ bill to allow ORVs on roads

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The Michigan House today approved legislation introduced by state Rep. Brett Roberts to allow drivers of off-road vehicles (ORV) to use Michigan roadways after making certain safety modifications to them.

In the past, the Michigan Secretary of State issued titles to assembled vehicles and ORVs that installed certain safety accessories, such as windshields, turning signals, and horns. However, the department has since disallowed ORVs from being considered in the application process for road-worthiness. House Bill 5639 codifies previous Department of State practices by allowing ORVs to be registered and titled as street-legal.

“Many Michigan residents have invested thousands of dollars modifying their ORVs to follow the Secretary of State’s previous policy,” said Roberts, of Charlotte. “I’m proud to see that we are one step closer to restoring this policy, which will allow more Michiganders to safely share the road.”

House Bill 5639 advances to the Senate for consideration.