House approves Rep. Lilly’s plan requiring fiscal notes on all bills

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Legislator: Cost to state, taxpayers should be known in advance


The Michigan House today approved a plan introduced by state Rep. Jim Lilly requiring all bills placed before legislative committees to include reports on the implications they will have on the state budget.

Rep. Lilly, of Park Township, introduced the legislation after he was presented with bill after bill in committee with no indication on what impact the measures have on the budget. He said the House and Senate fiscal agencies should analyze each bill before it begins the committee process so legislators know the monetary impact and taxpayers know how their hard-earned money is being used.

“As a fiscally conservative representative, I believe I am tasked with knowing how much money will be needed if we advance the legislation, and what implications that expenditure will have on our West Michigan families,” Rep. Lilly said. “The legislative process can move at a very fast pace, and because of that the fiscal analyses of bills are often not finished by the time the bills are placed before a committee. That is not acceptable.”

Rep. Lilly said requiring the Legislature to review fiscal notes will make legislators more aware of any negative revenue impacts the bills might create, and how the state plans to pay for services affected by the legislation.

“Currently some bills arrive in committee with a report on their price tag, but sometimes this is not included,” Rep. Lilly said. “I think Michigan families deserve to know how their money is going to be used in every case, and this should be written into law.”

The House Fiscal Agency report estimates there will be no additional cost to the state when Rep. Lilly’s plan becomes law.

The measure now goes before the Senate for consideration.


The legislation is House Bill 4679