House approves Rep. Cole bill for overweight vehicle transport permits

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The Michigan House of Representatives passed legislation today authored by state Rep. Triston Cole to allow applicants to obtain an annual oversized vehicle transport permit.

“Traditionally the driver would have to permit the trailer and every piece of equipment individually that it hauls each time it travels,” said Rep. Cole, of Mancelona.  “This bill simplifies the permitting process for vehicles that routinely carry oversized equipment or routinely exceed weight requirements.”

Transport permits currently are only issued for vehicles carrying individual loads, which cannot reasonably be reduced in size or transported by other means. There are single trip permits and extended permits. Single trip permits may be issued for a five-day period and valid for one trip only.

A permit may also be stored and presented by the holder using a mobile device. This will make a valid permit easier to access and less than likely to not get lost.

House Bill 4644 now moves to the Senate for consideration.