House approves Pscholka/Nesbitt bills to make in-home stair lifts more accessible, affordable  

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Michigan residents who rely on stair lifts to help them get around their home will have more affordable access after the state House today approved a package of bills to reduce regulations on installation of the devices.

Rep. Pscholka’s House Bill 4163 and Rep. Nesbitt’s House Bill 4162 clarify that residential stair lifts are not subject to the same regulatory standards as elevator installations.  Currently, Michigan law regulates residential stair lifts in the same way that it oversees commercial elevators. This misclassification means that state inspectors and commercially-certified contractors are required to install simple stair lifts, which is more expensive for the homeowner. The legislation approved today requires the installer be a licensed elevator contractor or certified by the manufacturer of the residential lift.

“These bills are about keeping our seniors, disabled veterans, and mobility-impaired individuals in their homes,” said Rep. Pscholka, R-Stevensville. “Making stair lifts accessible to a larger demographic will improve the lives of many Michigan residents, which is why I came to Lansing.”

Rep. Nesbitt, R-Lawton, said: “The current law requiring stair lifts to be installed by commercial contractors is outdated and a roadblock to Michigan’s competitiveness. I’m happy to see this common-sense reform move forward and will continue looking for ways to reduce regulatory burdens that save money for hard-working taxpayers.”

Both bills now head to the Senate for further legislative action.