House approves measures to ensure transparency and scope of Obamacare

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The Michigan House today approved much-needed transparency legislation to require Michigan health insurers to provide written notice of any premium changes attributed to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), state Rep. Mike Shirkey announced.

House Bill 4816, introduced by Shirkey, requires the financial impact of Obamacare on people’s health care premiums, positive or negative, to be clearly stated so people can get a clearer understanding of how the federal law affects them.

“The extreme chaos we are now facing with Obamacare can only be tamed with an embrace of transparency and truth,” said Shirkey, R-Clarklake.  “Right now, shedding light on how Obamacare is impacting citizens and businesses in Michigan is the most effective remedy in understanding its true nature.”

Utility customers get a similar line-item notice in their bills concerning the impact of other government-mandated programs, such as renewable energy requirements.

The House also approved a separate Shirkey bill, HB 4044, which ensures that Michigan residents will be able to purchase their health care outside of an Obamacare exchange.  In some states it has been mandated that all health care must be purchased through an Obamacare exchange, an overreach that Rep. Shirkey wanted to make sure couldn’t happen in Michigan.

“This legislation protects and preserves our country’s long-standing free market principles and combats any attempt to move to a single-payer health care system,” Shirkey said.  “Michigan patients and health insurers should have the freedom to purchase or offer health care benefits outside of an exchange, and the legislation protects this vital right.  Nobody should be forced to have to buy their insurance through only the Obamacare website.”

HBs 4816 and 4044 now go to the Senate for consideration.