House approves Griffin’s bill to give schools financial flexibility for facility improvements

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The Michigan House of Representatives today approved Rep. Beth Griffin’s legislation to allow school districts to make energy efficiency and operational upgrades to school facilities by entering into a lease-purchase agreement.

The bill will provide another financing option for schools to achieve savings through energy efficiency and operational improvement projects.

“Conservation projects that qualify are improvements to local school buildings that reduce energy consumption such as heating and cooling upgrades or the installation of more efficient lighting,” said Rep. Griffin, of Mattawan.

Operational improvements to phones and technological updates are included in the conservation projects as well.

Griffin, who is also a former schoolteacher, said that a lease-purchase agreement is not considered a debt, which allows school districts to fund projects that may have not been within budget.

“This will afford school districts the opportunity to save money on much needed infrastructural improvements and redirect funding to classrooms to help our teachers and students excel,” said Griffin.

House Bill 4080 will now move to the Senate for consideration.