Hornberger plan approved by Senate panel, allows removal of elected trustees for illegal acts

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The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted to make elected state education and university board trustees accountable, approving state Rep. Pamela Hornberger’s plan to allow the removal of the elected officials with cause.

Under the state constitution, the governor can remove elected board members for gross negligence, corrupt conduct and other illegal behavior related to their position. This plan will bring current state statute in line with the constitution.

“All elected officials must be accountable, especially those who lead our state’s schools and universities because they set policy affecting our children,” said Hornberger, of Chesterfield Township. “This plan will eliminate confusion between state law and our constitution because neither should provide any protections for illegal behavior. We will have due process, but we must continue to have strong expectations for anyone leading the Board of Education.”

The committee vote advances Hornberger’s House Bill 5799 to the full Senate as part of a bipartisan plan to identify sexual predators, increase penalties and help protect sexual assault survivors.

“This legislation will protect Michigan’s residents,” Hornberger said. “The Larry Nassar scandal and the testimony of his many survivors identified areas where we can thoroughly make our children safer in our neighborhoods, schools and even medical offices.  We’re another strong step closer to these needed changes.”