Hornberger advocates for equal allocation of CTE programs

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Lawmaker: Traditional, charter, nonpublic schools should be treated equally

A bill introduced by state Rep. Pamela Hornberger, of Chesterfield Township requiring the equal allocation of career technical education (CTE) programs for all traditional, charter and nonpublic schools in Michigan was approved by the House Education Reform Committee.

“CTE programs are so valuable to paving a pathway of success for our student’s future careers,” said Hornberger, a former teacher. “Each student, regardless of institution, should be given the same chance to learn from these wonderful programs.”

The bill makes legal clarification on existing Michigan law because the intent of the law has been misconstrued in some instances. Hornberger said this change will eliminate any confusion moving forward and ensure all students are afforded equal opportunity to participate in CTE programs.

The bill now waits to be considered by the full House.